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you make me want a sorbet [entries|friends|calendar]
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

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[19 Feb 2009|02:33am]
I have no idea how to recap anything in text anymore. Honest!

I did however do this song at karaoke recently, and it was cathartic.
It is incredibly easy to convince yourself while drunk you are really doing performance art pieces in tribute to the film Boys Don't Cry in a bar full of 50 year-old singles.

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[12 Jan 2009|03:39am]
This is the best thing ever filmed by human beings with cameras.

Let the fact its a monday at 3:40am sway you not into believing this.

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I'm a business, man. [17 Nov 2008|08:59pm]
My free-range Jay-Z remixing hobby has its own myspace. Thanks, malt liquor.

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[31 Oct 2008|07:24pm]

I just went to an ATM and this asian gang attacked me. I don't know what language they were speaking, but I think it was asian.
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just say no [31 Oct 2008|02:19pm]

"Do not play “Minds Playing Tricks On Me” today. Steven King hated Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining because it mostly stripped the themes of alcoholism from his novel and replaced them with undefined supernaturalism. I imagine that Scarface gets the same feeling when he hears “Tricks” played as a hip hop Halloween carol.

One of the greatest rap records about personal turmoil has become a Halloween cliche for the the same reason drunk girls demand “In Da Club” (bka “The It’s Your Birthday Song”)on their friends birthday. Idiot word association

[1] Kubrick’s Shining, of course, gets a pass as a genre defining masterpiece.Your Sooper Spooky Itunes Playlist, not so much."
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beatz [11 Oct 2008|10:58pm]

A little while ago I started remixing the entirety of American Gangster.

This is Ignorant Shit

There are five or six more thus far. If they keep consistently being alright these will all eventually end up on a to-be-posted myspace page.
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Where were you... When the world stopped turning? [20 Sep 2008|10:55am]

Well I guess this is growing up...
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motherfucka i'm ILLLLLLL [19 Sep 2008|10:50am]

I noticed earlier last night that The Cube is still playing A Billi, Jay-Z's freestyle over Lil Wayne's A Millie beat. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened for radio-friendly bootlegs since every station in the world was playing Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden with the clips from Jerry Maguire over it. Or something like that.

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place-holder, appearance-keeper [15 Sep 2008|09:30pm]
So for one, Will, his roomate and I made up some bullshit as we went on last December. I just decided to finish it now. Here it is.

I dunno if finishing it was a good idea, but fuck it, I need more content.

Also, for your consideration, 1998 Smashing Pumpkins. Superior incarnation?

Or 1988 Smashing Pumpkins?

For everyone's mental health I won't go into 2008 here.
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Post- post. [14 Aug 2008|04:49pm]
I haven't had the internet at my house for maybe a month due to my computer breaking. or me breaking my computer. Either way. So now that I've recently recalled the public library... wait for it... has the internet, I'm here. Things are very different on here now. The context has changed. I just noticed there are at least 80 drunken sweaty photos of myself on Facebook. How has this ever been good for my P.R. people? I'm going to have to completely overhaul this internet thing when I come back. Its like being in a police car during surveilance and at the end of the night you're covered in coffee stains and find you had no idea the entire time.

Generally I've been pretty good. I guess?
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[10 Jul 2008|11:10pm]
I recently realized I actually really liked a couple of songs off the last Smashing Pumpkins album. Particularly Bring the Light. So I was thinking to myself "Man, there has to be at least one worthwhile Bring The Light video on YouTube."

Then I searched, and found this. I was finally able to place this album in the proper cultural context. Good god. How perfect. In the worst way possible. Fuck this generation (not mine, mine ends with anyone born post 86!)

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The Stanley Cup: 25 Years of Glory [08 Jul 2008|12:40pm]
I heard from the internet there was some thing going around where you pick an album for every year of your life. Here I am to do this.

years years yearsCollapse )
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[23 Jun 2008|12:37am]
George Carlin is totally dead. This saddens me due to the fact I inherited my mom's copy of A Place For My Stuff when I was 8 or 9, at a completely inappropriate age, and it really seems to have laid the template for every comic or social commentator I've really enjoyed since. Atheists who swear a lot and have some sort of higher level of sensical clarity due to drug use? Sign me up! I'm sure as the years go on, this will freak me out more and more, people near my mom's generation dying and such... But, in my days, I have come to terms with this generation as the one who fucked up completely in the short run... what with fucking up that whole free love thing due to the fact they were so high... freaking George Harrison out, and such... and then essentially lived worse than their parents accomplished... you know, them... But I've thought about that at length, and maybe they had to completely screw up and hop on a motorcycle post-high school and sell pot across the country... the fact my mom had those sorts of experiences probably made me stronger mentally today. I'd imagine. I keep encountering people from this age group that I can't help thinking are totaly fuck-ups. But, their fuck-ups somehow made us stronger, and despite the fact that nowadays us kids have holiday gatherings that are completely fucking shitty due to this generation having to pick up the slack... we've pretty much been handed a blueprint through this of what not to do. And that's a good thing. Somehow George Carlin fits into this. I don't know how, but... in conclusion George Carlin is dead, many other people will soon be dead, but they didn't die completely in vain. I will still think a book titled "How to Kill a Rat with an Oboe" is the funniest shit forever. And that means something. Vanilla Sky-style.

edit: OK, I realized the real importance of this man after I posted this... Motherfucking was RUFUS, OK?

This automatically makes him more important to me than 50% of my family members. Listen to this dude George Carlin, he knows what he's talking about... in the context of being dead.
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[22 Jun 2008|10:20am]
I was apathetic about My Bloody Valentine getting back together.

Then I watched this, and had a seizure about a minute in when the weight of the situation set in.

Oh, hell. They're never coming here.
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[18 May 2008|10:11pm]

forests, trees: apparently seperate places [14 May 2008|10:12pm]
Huffington Post: NARAL Sticks a Finger in Our Eye

RE: NARAL endorsing Obama over Clinton

"I want to crawl up in the fetal position but instead I have to go report as chair of the League of Women Voters Nominating Committee. I just tried calling NARAL and the office is closed. I will never give another penny or any support or advocacy to or for the organization"

I can't stab fast enough to properly express how idiotic the entire viewpoint this article represents is.

When exactly did feminism start to be about blindly following anything with a vagina? I'd assume this was strictly a soccer mom phenomenon, but I've encountered far too many in my own age group who use this logic and it is baffling.
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Ghostdancer: Too Hott For Theaters Unrated Edition [07 May 2008|01:40am]
The last two years of the Tacoma 72-hour film festival featured shorts involving a would-be school shooter throwing away his gun in a trash receptacle on the sidewalk. A five-minute video of a toddler being adorable in a boat, making "angry eyebrows", shot by the guy who compiles the DVDs for the festival... won an award. A short about a guy who meets a girl at a park only to realize she was really a ghost who left behind her haunted binoculars. That won an award. Three elderly women sitting out of range of a microphone, intercut with shots of them walking across a sidewalk... that won an award. All of these people who won awards were pretty much all ex-employees of the theater that runs the festival.

Somehow, Ghostdancer is a response to this. Its a think-piece. And it debuts on Friday at the screening at the Rialto. Hopefully the people mentioned prior are somehow in attendance. I'm not petty!

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[06 May 2008|11:30am]
Fox 6's story on the SDSU folk that got arrested featured the following graphic:
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Dial My Heart. [13 Apr 2008|12:26am]

I feel sorry for these dudes.
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an official guide to ryan's most -played songs [11 Apr 2008|02:31am]
According to iTunes...Collapse )
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